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6 Reasons to Love Stony Brook Baseball

by mgluskin

It’s been a busy month for residents of the sports world, so it’s understandable if not everyone is familiar with the Cinderella-story Stony Brook Seawolves. Between the NBA finals, Stanley Cup finals, French Open, Euro soccer tournament and the usual full slate of MLB games, fans have a smorgasbord of sports to select from.

So, for those of you who have not been avidly following the Seawolves’ ride to the College World Series (CWS), we now present 6 reasons (one for each win they have so far in the tournament) why you should care and root for Stony Brook:

  1. They’re good. Before we get into the underdog nature of this team, it’s important to acknowledge that their trip to Omaha is not a fluke. They were the first team in the nation this year to 50 victories and had seven players selected in last week’s First-Year Player Draft. During their 3-game series victory over LSU, Stony Brook compiled impressive totals of 14 runs and 35 hits.
  2. They’re making history. Not only is this the school’s first-ever College World Series appearance (its first game is Friday afternoon), but they’re only the second No. 4 seed ever to reach that stage of play. For college basketball fans, ESPN continually compared being a No. 4 seed in baseball to that of a No. 13 seed in the NCAA tournament.
  3. They’re proving cold-weather teams can play baseball. Typically, the best high school and college teams reside in warm-weather enclaves, like Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. Seeing as how those teams get to play in the sunshine year-round, it makes sense. However, Stony Brook – located on Long Island – is now the first Northeast school to make the CWS since Maine did it in 1986.
  4. They’re cool under fire. One of the toughest things about being a lower-seeded team in the baseball tournament is that those squads must play continuously on the road. After winning 4 of 5 games in its regional in Florida, Stony Brook went into LSU – one of the more difficult places to play in the country – and won 2 of 3 games there. In fact, the crowd at the CWS-clincher was 10,620, way more than the combined attendance at all 28 of Stony Brook’s home games this season: 6,228.
  5. They’re good sports. Throughout the series, Stony Brook players displayed a confidence in their abilities and teammates enjoyed celebrating with each other after big moments. However, they played good, clean baseball and did not taunt LSU, its fans or show up the umpires. In fact, the LSU crowd was so respectful after the series that many stood to applaud after the final out (likely cheering for their Tigers and the accomplishment of Stony Brook). Some Stony Brook players even circled the field after their win, receiving high fives and good-luck wishes from the LSU faithful.
  6. They’re called the Seawolves. As the school prepared its move from lower-level Division III to its current Division I status, it decided to upgrade from its Patriots nickname to that of the Seawolves. According to the school’s website, “The Seawolf is a mythical creature … said to bring good luck to all those fortunate enough to see it.” So, if you want some good luck – and are sick of hearing about LeBron – tune in for the rest of Stony Brook’s super-baseball ride.

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